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Service Descriptions


Cavitation uses ultrasound waves to disrupt the fat cell walls, which causes the fat cells to liquefy. The fats are then released from the body naturally through your lymphatic system The results are visibly noticeable within approximately 3 days, however the entire process can take 3-7 days and you will continue to experience results during this time. Results will vary depending on each client and the amount of time the fat has existed, how well you are hydrated and/or flush out your system, and how well your lymphatic system is circulating. Healthy diet and increased water intake is required for maximum results.



Radio-frequency (RF) uses radio-frequency energy to heat tissue and stimulate sub-dermal collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin. The technique induces tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin as well.



non-invasive laser treatment penetrates the skin, using paddles placed on the skin, to selectively target the fat cells underneath, leaving blood vessels, nerves, and other tissue undisturbed. Fat cells absorb the energy from the lasers, releasing water, glycerol, and free the fatty acids. The harmless fat content is then removed from the body through lymphatic drainage, giving great results after the first treatment.



Non-surgical butt and hip Enhancement treatments can help enlarge and enhance the shape of your butt and enhance the hips  without a  surgical procedures.  The vacuum machine helps with mobilizing the fat cells to the desired area, while gradually lifting and plumping the butt. This therapy is safe and highly effective. You will notice results after your 1st session, but we recommend 3-8 sessions for ultimate results so your body will build muscle memory.

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